Is your life less than what you want it to be?  Are there certain aspects that you are particularly unhappy with?  Guess what… YOU are choosing that life.  It might not be a conscious choice, but it is a choice all the same.  I know this because a few months ago I wrote an email that ultimately opened my eyes to the unhappiness I was choosing in my life. Read the rest of this entry »

My last post here was a turning point for me. I realized I had these two facets of my life that were in opposition with each other. We all are dualistic in nature, and often bounce back and forth from one end of the spectrum to the other. That bouncing had been taking its toll on me and I have been focusing a lot of my personal time and energy into exploring how I can find that point of balance. I have found two amazing people who are on similar paths to me and they have provided me with amazing guidance and insight. Alexis Martin Neely is sharing her story of merging her outside image and inner girl, and the journey has been so beautiful in the short time I’ve been following it. I have not had the opportunity to work directly with Alexis, but she did camp across the street from me at Burning Man this year. I think that’s good enough. I am very grateful for the heartfelt story she shares and the guidance it provides me.

I have also been following and working with Aaron Ross of PebbleStorm.  Aaron’s program Unique Genius has been helping me to define what my calling is. Looking at all of the pieces to the puzzle that make me ME, understanding what my core values and desires are, and identifying the aspects of the puzzle that fit together to shape a business (and life for that matter) that focuses on my strengths and sharing them with those who want to learn what I already know. As part of this program I have created my personal manifesto. This is the statement that will shape how I work, play, live and love for now on. I imagine that I will tweak and refine this from time to time, but I believe the core message is solid. This is who I am. This is who I will be. This is me… standing in my naked truth… offering it out for all the world to see. Read the rest of this entry »

I started this blog with the intention to write 2 posts a week. I knew that I wanted to get my voice out there. I knew that I had something to say that I wanted other people to hear. The problem was that I was’t exactly sure WHAT is was that I wanted to say. But I wrote when something came to me. I wasn’t sure how anything I was writing was really relating to one another or anyone reading it for that matter, but I kept writing. I didn’t come close to getting 2 posts up each week, but I kept posting. And I’m posting again tonight.
I’m posting to tell you that I finally know what I am writing about and the story that I want to create for myself. This is the story of how I manifest my ideal life to fit my balanced, whole self. I have a good life, but it caters more to Business Renae and it is a struggle to find time for Spiritual Renae. This is my plan to live a REvolved Life.

Hellz yeah!

Sat Nam.

Who are Business Renae and Spiritual Renae? They are the polar opposites of my personality. They are my inner conflict. Almost all of us have some type of internal conflict. Some interest or hobbies that are so polar opposite of others. What are your two poles?

There’s more info on Business Renae and Spiritual Renae on the About page.

Tonight while home playing with my new MacBook Pro and Evernote (which I just started using, but already know I’m going to love!! I swear I was dreaming of this software just a few weeks ago and now it is my reality!!) I snapped a picture of myself on the computer camera.

The flash went off and I saw the screen image freeze for an instance, before…. TA DA… there was the picture of my face on my screen. But wait… something was different. That’s not how the picture looked on the screen at all a moment ago. The software had flipped the image on the vertical axis. I was looking at myself from the same perspective as you would standing in front of me. This wasn’t a mirror image… like… well, a mirror, or a first person perspective like a camera image. It was the WORLD’S view of ME!

Holy Sh*t! I stared for a while. Completely at awe of what I saw. I recognized myself, but I didn’t quite look like I thought I did… or should.

But there I was… just the way you would see me if I were sitting in front of you smiling at your face.

I got to thinking how we all have our own perceptions of the world, and our own perceptions of ourself, but how often do we consider or actually get to see what the world’s perception of us is?!

My mind drifted back to the Kundalini Yoga class I attended last night and the focus of the third eye… our true view of the world… our intuition.

Right above the nose, between the brow line lies the third eye. The all-knowing eye is a symbol that can be tracked to ancient civilizations from all over the world. In yoga it is known it as the sixth chakra, or Anja in Sanskrit meaning “beyond wisdom”.

In the ancient western world the Mayan’s tied colorful beads in infants hair at the center of their forehead with the hopes of causing the child to go cross-eyed looking up at that bead. History books all document the reason for this as they thought being cross-eyed was “beautiful”. I think it had more to do with teaching their youth to looking up to the third eye… to know and trust their intuition.

To begin to know and trust you can use a similar technique to the Mayan’s to open your third eye.

Use pillows and bolsters to fully support you neck while you lean back with your head tipped back, chin reaching for the sky. Physically bring your awareness to your third eye by placing a coin, bindi, some other small object, or even simply the tip of your finger over your third eye. Focus up at the object, feel your eyeballs lifting up to that point. Let any tension you feel release and lift up and out through your Anja chakra. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Take a full breath, your belly softening and expanding with your breath. Feel the life force swirling through filling down to your toes and expanding all the way up to the top of your head. Keep your gaze soft, but focused up at the third eye.

Pause the breath for a moment.

Exhale slowly and completely, pushing every bit of breath out of your body. Enjoy the space you have created in your body. Maintaining that space, push all of the energy up to the third eye. Your gaze still soft and focused at your object.

Hold the breath out for a moment.

Inhale. Slowly. Completely.

Exhale. Slowly. Completely.

Continue breathing at your own pace.

Keep your eyes open, lifting up, gazing softly at your third eye.

Take a deep breath in… keep gazing up.

Slowly exhale. Closing your eyes.

Long, deep breath in. Keeping your eyelids closed allow your eyeballs to lift back up to their previous position.

Exhale. Soften the eyes.

Continue the slow deep breathing gently encouraging your eyes to lift back up to gaze at the third eye. Focus on the breath and allow muscle memory to take over. Your eyes will feel like they are twitching like crazy and trying to roll backwards in your head. Just keep breathing. Focusing the energy up towards the third eye. Eventually the muscle twitches will begin to slow down and you will be able to maintain your gaze for a longer and longer period, until you completely trust your intuition and begin relying on its perception over that of your eyes.

Be patient and kind with yourself and remember that practice makes progress, not perfect!

Enjoy your new “True View” of the world as you begin to see more clearly through your third eye!

This holiday weekend I am declaring independence from then un-nessecary things cluttering my house and my life. Anything that I don’t use, wear or like anymore is going. I need to clear out the old to make room for the new. I’m putting it all on my front yard and having a yard sale! Most items will be donation only – take what you want, pay what you can afford – but a few will have price tags. I am really focused on making way for the things that are going to get me to Bali. This donation yard sale will be some extra cash to put towards my new Macbook Pro, which is something I need to have before the end of the month in order to get to Bali, plus it will free up some energetic space so that I am open to receiving the gifts that the universe is preparing to give to me.
I find it so refreshing to completely purge through the house every few months. As new things get less interesting and go from being used, worn or loved to just taking up space they get stale and collect more stale energy, lowering the vibration of your house. I’m sure you’ve been in that house was just depressing to walk to because there was just stuff filling up every square inch of available shelf, floor and table space. When you clear all of that crud out and get energy moving freely again there is always that uplifting feeling thanks to the higher viration that is available now in that space.
If you’ve never though about the energetic impact too much stuff has on your life give “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston a read. It does a great job of giving examples of the positive effect clearing out clutter can have in your life. Karen also has great explanations of many of the reasons we keep things we don’t use, need or like and how to move past those concerns. I like to keep the mantra “Let go of that which no loger serves” in mind as I stand and scan a given room in the house, and then I take a bag or box and start tossing in everything that doesn’t elicit a strong feeling of joy or happiness. If I catch myself thinking anything along the lines of “Well I should probably keep this just in case…” I toss it, and have faith that if that potential event ever actually comes up where I really do need that particular item I will have the means to acquiring it at that time. Besides, why hang on to all of this stuff that I used to like or may need some day when I can make some extra money to get what it is that I really want and need NOW, a Macbook Pro! =)

You can purchase a copy of “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” using my Amazon affiliate link below and a portion of the purchase will also go towards the new Macbook purchase and ultimately help me visit it Bali for 3 weeks in November!

Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui

I’ve been thinking a lot about how satisfied I am with my life lately.  And in truth, things are pretty darn good, but I’m not sure that I am fully satisfied.  I definitely feel a strong disconnect from my “professional life” and all the rest of my life.  Some people will say that this is common, just a fact of life that you have to deal with.  And while I don’t disagree with the commonality part, I do question the factuality that I can’t change it.  There have been lots of “facts of life” that have been challenged by questioners who set off in search of evidence to prove the contrary and succeeded.  

I love to question so I’ve been searching for a way to support and live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.  As part of my search I came across the book “The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere And Join The New Rich” by Timothy Ferriss.  Love it!,  The book lives up to its enticing title.  If the sound of the book speaks to you at all, I highly recommend you pick up a copy and read it!   I’ve  read the whole book, went back and started re-reading it and began the  process of Dreamlining outlined in the book the other day.  In a nutshell, dreamlining puts a timeline to reaching one of your desires and actionable steps to follow in order to reach it. 

I identified the desire to spend two weeks in Bali doing yoga, learning local cooking and dance, expericing the spiritual practices of the Balinese and otherwise experieincing a beautiful part of the world.  I’ve decided that I will do this in November… of this year!  Yes, I know that’s less than 6 months away!  Taking a trip to the other side of the world for two full weeks seems like a pretty lofty achievement to reach with less than 6 months of planning, but that’s exactly why I chose it and why I am writing about it.  I believe that if I accomplish this than I will have set my life on a whole new course, a course that included the happy, healthy, fulfilled life that I have been dreaming about… a (R)evolved Life.  By documenting the process in a public manner I am now accountable to those who follow my journey, and think it will help to ensure that I reach my goal.  I hope that you will follow my efforts and provide your input along the way. 

I look forward to sharing this story with you!

If you’re interested in reading The 4 Hour Workweek you can purchase it from Amazon at the link below and a portion of the purchase price will help fund my trip to Bali! Thanks in advance for your support! =)

The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded and Updated: Expanded and Updated, With Over 100 New Pages of Cutting-Edge Content.

A children we are full of dreams.  We believe in magic and that anything is possible.  That is until we are told that it is not.  As we grow up we are conditioned to believe that some things simply are not possible.  I’ve alway been a dreamer and a believer.  I’m not exactly sure why either.  I was raised in a very supportive family, but wouldn’t say that I was explicitly taught that anything was possible.  Maybe it’s just my stubborn Taurus nature… when I’m told that something can’t be done it doesn’t usually stop me from trying if it is something that I want to do.  And guess what… I have managed to accomplish just about everything that I have truly wanted to.  We all have different experiences though, and for many of us the conditioning that happens throughout life leads us to the conclusion that our dreams are impossible to reach so we just stop dreaming.  Or maybe it is more that we simply ignore our dreams.  I believe we all have dreams, it is just a matter of whether we want to acknowledge them for fear of being told they are impossible.

But who is to say what is possible and what is not?  When Christopher Columbus set off to sail to India it was a well-known “fact” that the earth was flat and it would be impossible for him to reach his destination.  Regardless, he believed he could do it and set sail to prove it.  Of course we all know he didn’t actually make it to India on his first try, but he did, quite literally, open up the world of possibility with that first trip across the ocean.  And he did eventually find his way to India.  Life is like that though.  We all have goals or dreams and sometimes we don’t reach them as fast as we want to, but that’s usually because there are things we need to learn along the way that we didn’t know when we set sail (like there’s a whole other continent out there).

The thing that actually keeps us from reaching our dreams is not our personal circumstances, but our personal belief systems.  When we hold on to a belief system that does not allow us to reach our biggest (and often most secret) dreams we find ourselves stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled, and even unhealthy.  It is only by identifying these limiting beliefs that we can release them and replace them with new beliefs that allow us to live our dreams.

Do you believe in your dream?  The following journal exercise can help you to do just that.  So grab your journal and pen and find a comfortable seat in your favorite place… whether that’s your desk, a comfy chair by the window, or some place outside in nature (front/back yards and city parks count!).  Try to eliminate any distractions such as dinging inbox or ringing phone.  I know I’m asking for a lot here, but you deserve some you time so take it!

  • Spend 10 minutes free writing on the prompt “In my perfect world I…”  Write down anything that comes to mind no matter how far-fetched it may seem.  Try not to censor yourself.  Describe how you look, where you live, what you do with your time, etc.  Whatever you think of just write it down.
  • Spend 10 minutes free writing on the prompt “The things keeping me from living in my perfect world right now are…”  Again, write whatever comes to mind.  Keep writing for the full 10 minutes.
  • Now, take a look at all of the reasons that you listed as keeping you from your perfect world.  For each one ask yourself why that is the case and what you can do to change it.  Are there any things that you don’t think you can change?  These are areas where you may have a limiting belief system.  Spend some time reflecting on why you think that you can’t change those areas.  What would be the worst case scenario if you did try to change them?  How likely is that scenario?  The best case scenario would be that you reach your perfect world, but by never trying because you want to avoid the worst case scenario you will never achieve the best case scenario.  You don’t have to know exactly how you’ll get to your dream, you just have to believe that you can.

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People are very busy in today’s world. So busy that we don’t spend as much time doing the things we LOVE to do, and too much time doing the things we “have” to do.

I use quotations around have because there are really only three things that a human needs to survive…water, food, and shelter.  Anything beyond that is a luxury… something we choose to do.

And yes, I understand that some of you are thinking that there are plenty of things that you do that are not because of a desire to do them… like paying your taxes. If given the choice to pay or not pay taxes, just about anybody would choose to not pay taxes and use keep the money for themself.  However, if just about everyone did keep their money for themselves then we would have to give up many of the things we take for granted.  Things like maintained roads to drive on and safe water to drink.  We pay our taxes not because we want to, but for the greater good.  And if you don’t believe in supporting the greater good you always have the choice to NOT pay your taxes and hope you don’t get caught or just move to the middle of nowhere and live off the land to avoid being required to pay them.

My point here is not to encourage you to pay your taxes (or to encourage tax evasion or a nomadic lifestyle), but to point out the fact that you do have a choice in the things you do or don’t do.  When you get home from a long day of works and you choose to do something that you feel you “have” to do (like get caught up on email, watch the latest of America’s Got Survivor Idol, or coordinate a tactical mission via xbox) instead of the things you love to do (play with your kids, enjoy time with your partner, or prepare yourself a healthy meal) you are choosing to not make yourself as happy as you could be!

I disagree with that choice, and know that you deserve to be as happy as you can be… at ALL times!

Ok, but how does one go about actually being as happy as they can be?

To start, you need to look at your schedule.  That might mean pulling out your daytimer, smartphone or family calendar… whatever it is that you use to schedule important commitments of your time.  Now, schedule an appointment with yourself for one hour each week.  The entire objective of that appointment is to spend an hour doing something you love.  Schedule one of these hour-long appointments each week for the next five weeks.  Don’t worry if your appointments aren’t the same day/time each week, just make sure to schedule one each week at a time that is convenient for you.

Next, honor these appointments!  Treat them as you would a doctor’s appointment or friend’s wedding.  Take that hour each week to play with your kids, prepare the delicious recipe you’ve been dying to try or dance to your favorite song.  Do what you can to eliminate distractions.  Shut off your phone and computer.  Update your status so your friend’s will know you are unavailable for the next hour.  Enjoy the experience of doing that which you love.  And when your hour is up you can hurry off to do all of those other things you “have” to do… if you want to, of course.

What I think you’ll find is that before the end of the five weeks you’ll be spending much more than just an hour each week doing what you love.  Many of the things you “had” to do before will turn out to be not that important and will fall to the wayside so that you have more time available to do what you love.  When you put your focus on doing more of what you love, you will see a natural filtering occur in your life.  There will be things that you used to do routinely that you quit doing because they no longer interest you, and you’ll find ways to simplify the things you can’t eliminate entirely.  For instance, filters can be set up in your email and Facebook that allow you to stay connected to your network of friends and colleagues without getting lost in all of the time-wasting junk.  You may realize that you want to downsize to a smaller shelter so that you don’t have to work as much to pay the bills and keep the space clean.  There will also be a few things that require the same amount of time and attention as before.  These are the things that are important to your life… at least they should be.

The key is finding the balance.  You have to determine the right mix of time spent doing what you love and doing what you need to do to maintain your desired lifestyle.  For some people, that sweet spot may even merge to the point where you are maintaining your desired lifestyle by doing what you love! 

There is nothing that says you won’t or can’t be one of those people.  So… Go.  Now.  Do more of what you love and see what great things will come!

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